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About us

 Increasing independence, empowerment and ability.


Add-Life Technologies is a company specifically focused on helping people with their rehabilitation in cognitive ability, fine motor skills, and co-ordination through the use of emerging technologies.



Alto is a platform containing engaging virtual reality environments specifically designed to help people with their rehabilitation after a life altering event.


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For Patients

Do you want to find a therapist who will care about you and provide rehabilitation that is fun and exciting to do?


If so your clinician will teach you how to use the Alto system with unique virtual reality environments that target your key areas to improve.

They will then be able to analyse your results to take you to the next stage of your recovery.

For Clinicians & Researchers

Are you looking to improve your rehabilitation service, save time and increase accuracy in reporting?


If so the Alto system will keep your patients engaged in their rehabilitation and keep them coming back for more to potentially make a full recovery.


Easy to place into any clinical practice or research institution as it is simply an unwrap and go system.


It will help you keep your patients motivated and allows you to automatically collect quantitative data to better guide the patients in their recovery.

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