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 Increasing independence, empowerment and ability.


Add-Life Technologies is a company specifically focused on helping people with their rehabilitation in cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, and co-ordination through the use of emerging technologies.

Currently, we have developed and are releasing ALTO: A virtual reality rehabilitation solution for stroke. Consisting of a library of virtual reality environments, the individual performs their rehabilitation in a fun and engaging way, which in turn increases their motivation to do the exercises.

After a individual completes an exercise, their data is stored securely in the cloud. This data can be viewed later and the progress of a patient is tracked efficiently and accurately.


Pictured are the two co-founders of Add-Life Tech (Tony Aitchison-left, Daish Malani-right) with Arjun who had a stroke and used the very first version of the Alto system in October 2017.

Needless to say, he had a great time, and had the chance to get the daily exercise he needed.



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We are a virtual reality company that designs and creates products for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation has always been dull, long and repetitive, but not with Add-Life Technologies. Your loved one will want to keep using our products and they will recover much faster.

Did you know that the recovery window for stroke is 5 years or more, and some people still show improvement many years after that? Boost your chances for a full recovery with Add-Life Technologies software platform Alto.