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Virtual Reality Rehabilitation


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What is Alto?

Alto is a fun and engaging way to do stroke rehabilitation and other forms of neurological rehabilitation. 

With real-time body tracking and AI algorithms that help to optimise your recovery.

The system contains many different types of virtual reality environments that allows the person to choose what they want to do next. From basketball, golf, boating, music, and more the library of environments is continual growing.

This technology  helps strengthen a person's upper body movement, cognitive abilities, memory, co-ordination, and fine motor skills. We have helped many people re-engage their once paralysed limbs with this technology that increased the quality of their life.

What Should We Expect?

The Alto system is friendly and easy to use. Simply place the virtual reality goggles on and then a selection of environments will be available to use. Once in an environment the person can start doing their rehabilitation.

Contained within each Alto virtual reality environment are micro-challenges. These are goals that once achieved become slightly more challenging for the wearer and encourages them to continue their rehabilitation


There are no gloves or other devices to attach that cause pain or discomfort and the automatic hand and body tracking simultaneously begins identifying their best course of action going forward.

What Can It Do For Them?

Below is an example of the power the Alto platform has in rehabilitation recovery. For you or a loved one can become more independent as it re-engages once paralysed limbs, increases reaction time, co-ordination, memory and more.

Sam below is currently in a wheel chair but using our system has allowed his upper body mobility improved, which has translated down to his lower limbs and he has started walking again. We are excited to see that Alto has been able to help him regain his strength, which has increased his independence and more.

Some of the Experiences in the Alto Library

virtual reality rehabilitation Gold
virtual reality rehabilitation music
virtual reality rehabilitation cook

How Do We Get Access To Alto?

You can get access to Alto from your allied health professional, but what if they don't have it?

First of all please let him or her know such a system exists and ask them to have a look at the website. Alternatively you can contact us and ask for help in finding a clinician in your neighbourhood who is already using the system. You will need to let us know which country and which city you would like to find the clinician in.

How Can We Get Access At Home?

The Alto system has specially been designed to help people from remote regions while still being able to receive quality assistance from their allied health professional.

At this time access to Alto can be found from your allied health professional's clinic. In the near future we will be providing a take home pack. Please leave your name, phone, and email address below to go on our waiting list. 

Thank you, we will be in touch