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Virtual Reality Rehabilitation


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What Can It Do

for My Patients?

Alto will help keep your patients more motivated to participate in their rehabilitation process. It will change the way the patients feel about their daily exercises.

Possible Measured Outcomes

- Re-engaged Paralysed Limbs -

- Increased Fine Finger Movement -

- Increase in Co-ordination -

- Increased Memory Retention -

- Strengthens Core Muscles -

- 30% Increase in Reaction Time -

- Higher Motivation to Continue their Rehabilitation -

As the recovery window is on 5 years and even more for some, it is not too late to help your patients.

What Can It Do

For Clinicians & Researchers?

Alto saves time and money with its post-reporting system. The cloud based connectivity of the Alto platform creates automatic document reporting to track the progress of each patient with ease. This makes it easier to keep long term records.

In time Add-Life Technologies will be developing a take home pack for the individuals to continue their rehabilitation at home. This device will be used after they have received full care and prefer to stay at home. Accessible in the most remote regions you will be able to maintain a strong relationship with your patients. Add-Life Technologies will reimburse you for your time in maintaining their profile. 

The Alto platform will enable you to monitor many patients simultaneously.

What Kind of Patients is Alto Good For?

Alto focuses on upper body improvements along with co-ordination, cognitive improvements, mobility, and fine motor skills. It can assist people who experience the following from the list below but is not limited to.

- Cerebro Vascular Accidents or Stroke -

- Parkinson`s Disease and Extrapyramidal Syndromes -

- Multiple sclerosis -

- Cerebral palsy -​

- Brain-tumor operations -

- Spinal cord injuries -

- Traumatic brain injury -

- Muscular atrophy -

- Deconditioning - muscle weakness due to lack of mobility -​

Some of the Experiences in the Alto Library

virtual reality rehabilitation Gold
virtual reality rehabilitation music
virtual reality rehabilitation cook


One patient station will help one patient at a time.

If you would like to assist more patients simultaneously more stations will be required.

Payment for Alto can be made as an annual payment or monthly payment.  This entitles you to the 24/7 connectivity to the cloud, continuous updates and a growing library of virtual reality experiences.

This Would Be Ideal for Our Clinic.

How Do I Order One?

The Alto platform has been specifically designed to help people with their neurological rehabilitation.

Please provide your details below and one of our team members will be in touch.

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