VR Exercises

A customized exercise program you do from your home using a VR headset that is fun, immersive and tracks your mobility. 15 minutes a day helps improve your fine motor skills, leading to regained function, and greatly increasing quality of life.

Our app conveniently shows mobility, dexterity and cognitive function, allowing the individual, informal carer and health care professional to see an individuals current condition and progress at a glance.

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A friend to guide you

Included is an AI assistant that gives live feedback and encouragement during the sessions to provide a personal rehab coach. This also helps those with vision and hearing impairment.. 


Why VR?

VR allows us to track your mobility in 3D space, allowing a greater understanding of your ability. It also is fun!

Once you are in a flow state, the kind of state where you lose track of time, are having fun and are guided into doing the correct exercises, you can rewire your brain and body to recover lost function.

Adherence to exercises is the main focus.
Daily exercise increases neuroplasticity, which means you can change your body and brain by repetition over time.

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