Virtual Reality Rehabilitation


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This Would Be Ideal for Our Clinic How Do We Order One?

The Alto platform has been specifically designed to help people with their neurological rehabilitation.

Please provide your details below and one of our team members will be in touch.


How Can We Get Access To Use It At Home?

The Alto system has specially been designed to help people from remote regions while still being able to receive quality assistance from their allied health professional.

At this time access to Alto can be found from your allied health professional's clinic. In the near future we will be providing a take home pack. Please leave your details below to go on our waiting list. 



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We are a virtual reality company that designs and creates products for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation has always been dull, long and repetitive, but not with Add-Life Technologies. Your loved one will want to keep using our products and they will recover much faster.

Did you know that the recovery window for stroke is 5 years or more, and some people still show improvement many years after that? Boost your chances for a full recovery with Add-Life Technologies software platform Alto.