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South Australian Stroke Facilities

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

South Australia accounts for about 8% of the total strokes in Australia but has only 3% of the Stroke Units. In fact, the number of stroke survivors in continued rehabilitation in 2018 was 39,946 people.

Within South Australia there are 3 main centres for intensive stroke care. These are:

1. Flinders Medical Centre (link),

2. Lyell McEwin Hospital (link) and

3. the Royal Adelaide Hospital (link).

If you outside of the greater Adelaide region, your next choices are the Mount Gambier & Districts Health Service (link) or the Whyalla Hospital (link).

Whilst these last two hospitals have Thrombolysis units, which can help with a blood clot retrieval, they do not have a dedicated stroke unit for long term care. A long term stroke care unit can include physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, speech therapists, dieticians and a neuro-psychologist.

There are over 50 rehabilitation centres across the Adelaide CBD ( google maps), 13 North of the city and 9 towards the southern parts of the city areas. These provide continual care, alongside new technologies like the Add-Life Tech Alto system (link).


Stroke Foundation - Stroke Care Units

SA stroke election plan 2018

Google maps - stroke facilities in Adelaide

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